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Alex Rims EN24 29'' Disc llanta negro(-a)

19,31 €
antes 21,30 €
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N° de art.: 47400025 || N° de art. del fabricante: EN2436BLACKSV
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Und. a 19,31

N° de art.: 47400026 || N° EAN/UPC: 886798522746  || N° de art. del fabricante: EN2432BLACKSV
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Und. a 19,31

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Disc rims for 29 inch MTB

You are a 29 inch cyclist and are looking for a new disc rim for your MTB? And by the way, a wheel off the shelf is not for you? Then, find your desired rim right here! In combination with colour-coordinated spokes and hubs, your bike will be very individual this way!
Welcome to our selection of rims for disc brakes with a diameter of 622 mm, also called 29 inch rims. What makes up the large wheels? The purpose of 29 inch bikes is still being questioned. And yes, 29 inch bikes handle differently, but it depends on the application. Do you need to make cutbacks, e.g. in terms of stability? No! A 29 inch rim is differently composed than smaller rims and thus can optimally handle the larger circumference. You are faster with the large wheels and you skilfully roll over unevennesses. Disc brakes meanwhile have become standard on the MTB and oust rim brakes more and more. Thus, you'll find an appropriately good selection for building up your bike in this category. Even the colours leave nothing to wish for.
When choosing a rim, go for high stability and in the best case, also with as little weight as possible, since this is what the 29 inch rim stands for with cross country riders and racing enthusiasts. You'll get 29 inch disc rims from DT Swiss, Mavic, Surly, Sixpack, NoTubes and more from us at low prices and with a worldwide shipping option.

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