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Assos LS.skinFoil S7 camiseta manga larga invierno blockBlack

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The new skinfoils represent the genetic evolution of the outgoing line of ASSOS skinfoil baselayers. Based on our seamless tubular knitting technology, ASSOS skinfoil_s7 baselayers represent the inner core of the als, the Assos layering system. They are your next-to-skin first-layer product. without a properly fitting skinfoil, the rest of your outfit cannot perform to its full potential. When wearing ASSOS, always wear an original ASSOS baselayer with it - it's the only way to maximize the ASSOS total comfort experience.

The general direction in ASSOS is toward reducing the seven climarange outfits to four. this is possible thanks to the ultimate in technology and intelligence, which we are utilizing to increase the action radius of our fabrics, creating textiles that work in a wider temperature range. This new ASSOS baselayer family has been engineered with just this reduction in mind - less is more. how to use it? alone, directly on your skin, underneath bibs and jersey. The ASSOS skinfoil is your first next-to-skin garment, engineered to work as your personal microclima transporter barrier to pull and push moisture to the next or outer shell layer. Note: the baselayer operates optimally after it becomes slightly moist when riding. This is a good sign! Skinfoil fibres use this humidity as an insulator or coolant to help keep you comfortable.

We now have only four models: summer, spring / fall, earlywinter and winter. easy and clear. Integrate these baselayers properly into your als outfit. The intensity of sweating - and its associated cooling effect - depends on the type of ride, your exercise intensity, your unique body and your fitness level. So, play with your skinfoils, using them in a higher or lower climarange condition until you determine your perfect, personal als.

The general rule of thumb is, the more you sweat, the lighter you should dress. for example, using the ls.spring/fall_skinfoil_s7 in combination with the earlywinter habujacket can be enough if you are a frequent rider in mild, earlywinter conditions. but another rider who exercises at a lower intensity might want to try a winter skinfoil in this situation.

The construction

  • New technology: transport mesh for article 1.4, summer. increased breathability, faster push-pull effect, and new v-cut neck to increase air flow.
  • New textured yarn for article 2.4, spring-fall. reduced volume with perfect insulating effect. Innovative construction technique: open mesh. the fabric works actively to transfer sweat to outer layers.
  • New composition for article 3.4, earlywinter, with 97% polypropylene, perfect elasticity and comfort, plus less volume to let body dry faster, protecting against cold and humidity.
  • New design for article 4.4, winter, with a new neck construction (softer, and more comfortable without zip) and double-color system between sleeves and body.
  • New, improved soft compression pattern design. Campionissimo aepd the beauty of this tubular seamless construction is its cozy fit, thanks to extreme elasticity, which allows a basic regularfit pattern design that adapts easily to different body types.

The key fabric
We are building on the current skinfoil generation of fabrics, and adding more. One is polypropylene which, thanks to its non-absorbent, wicking properties, helps to ensure excellent moisture management. As well, it is one of the lightest fibers. We use it to maximize comfort. And depending on the garment, we complement polypropylene with polyester or spandex to achieve the required fabric features (elasticity, etc.)

With the ASSOS skinfoil_s7 baselayer, we simply perfected what was already superb, and we managed to reduce complexity while increasing performance!
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Material: 72% Polyamid, 24% Polypropylen, 4% Elasthan
N° de art.: 95235130 || N° EAN/UPC: 2220000045902  || N° de art. del fabricante: 13.40.419.15.0
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Material: 72% Polyamid, 24% Polypropylen, 4% Elasthan
N° de art.: 95235131 || N° EAN/UPC: 2220000046602  || N° de art. del fabricante: 13.40.419.15.I
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Enabling you to enjoy your ride in total comfort and well protected is what makes the ASSOS difference. Our prime objective is to maximize total comfort when in the saddle. Your ride, your time is what really counts.

ASSOS use performance oriented fabrics to construct highly technical garments which are light, low volume and sensitive. Not rigid, “bullet-proof” stuff. ASSOS apparel is precious: functional, high-tech and, yes, it can be more delicate than ordinary cycling gear. All this, for the increase in your wellbeing and enjoyment when cycling, be it for fitness or competition. ASSOS equipment is engineered to handle high mileage in different climatic conditions, garments that are made for true cycling, to last many kilometers.

Mangalarga-corta, Camisa interior dama & caballero

A la ropa deportiva muy funcional, se aprende rápido a apreciarla. Los tejidos transpirables garantizan, que tu piel se sienta seca y se mantenga bien climatizada. Aquí encuentras todas las camisas de tejidos ventilados, las camisas las encuentras dentro de la categoría ropa deportiva interior ciclismo (llamadas (también Baselayer, porque fue la primera en ser diseñada). El ciclismo es un deporte sudoroso. Al pedalear con un morral en la espalda, es muy importante la sensación seca de la piel, para no dar cabida al próximo resfriado. En cuanto a las camisas interiores en general, esto es valido también en la camisa para el ciclismo, que debería hormar ajustada, como una segunda piel. Porque sólo así cumplirá su función. Las preferidas son las finas Seamless-Shirts, especialmente gracias a sus pocas costuras, al existir poca fricción con la piel. Aparte de las clasicas camisas manga-corta para debajo, existen también la manga-laga para temperaturas frías. (conocidas como Long Sleeve). En el invierno, los ciclistas eligen preferiblemente las camisillas manga-larga, los mantienen abrigados por dentro y al mismo tiempo se llevan la humdedad corporal, incluso en temperaturas heladas te sentirás cómodo al practicar deporte. La ropa ciclismo de invierno, para usar debajo, no solo brinda protección del frío, sino que además protege del viento. Así los ciclistas de inviero, saben apreciar por ejemplo ropa interior, en lana de merino y productos con el funcional Windstopper®. Ademas de la mangalarga-corta- todavía hay las que no tienen manga, siendo una buena opción para las veraniegas temperaturas. Nuestra gran oferta en camisas interiores para el ciclismo la encontrarás aquí en la tienda online HIBIKE. – Comprar online ropa interior para dama y caballero.
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