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AX Lightness P 29C Extralite Premium Clincher 3K-carbono 29'' MTB Disc juego de ruedas 32/32h libre (rueda delantera: 15x100mm/rueda trasera: 12x142mm)

2.836,89 €
"Traction", "grip" and "damping". These are the keywords you require of a tyre if both the terrain and conditions are getting hard. A tyre, however, can only develop its potential if it is provided with the right requirements. Rims are the key to this.

A wide rim makes a tyre really come up. Only now, the rim is able to offer vertical damping at a low air pressure without side-swerving in curves at the same time. Owing to the lower ridable air pressure, the tyre is able to adapt to the subsurface and to develop a better grip and traction. The improved vertical damping also ensures this and protects the cyclist. Result: Better cycling performance!!

However, then there is the risk that the tyre detaches from the flanges during flexing. This is not uncommon with carbon rims. Most manufacturers go without a flange because by doing so a rim is easier to produce at a reduced rate. The ax-lightness MTB clincher is equipped with a very deep undercut in order to provide you maximum safety.

The high diameter of 29“ wheels limits their manoeuvrability. Frames get heavier and softer at the same time. Changes of direction and hard accelerations considerably worsen. Thanks to the SRT technology in combination with the voluminous cross section of the rim is the wheelsets very stiff. The low weight of the rim ensures good acceleration and best manoeuvrability.


  • Weight (+/- 5 %): 1210g /set
  • Rim weight (+/- 5 %): 325g
  • Rim material: Full Carbon
  • Tire type: Clincher, tubeless
  • Brake type: Disk brake
  • Rim depth: 30mm
  • Rim width: 33,5mm
  • Rim width internal: 25mm
  • Hubs: Extralite hubs
  • Spokes: DT Swiss Aerolite
  • Nipples: External
  • Spoke tension: 1300 N
  • Spoke count (f/r): 32 / 32
  • Field of use: MTB Cross-Country
  • Rider weight limit: 100 kg


Formula 1 materials
As material ax are using a specific resin sytem from motorsports that offers the highest heat tolerance and mechanical robustness and there predominantly is being utilized for the thermally and mechanically highly stressed brake exhausts of Formula 1 cars.

Spoke Reinforcement Technology
Upon production individually casted and moulded as well as according to the occuring load specifically reinforced spoke holes eliminate the need for a post-processing, machining or subsequent drilling and therewith a weakening of the structure. In particular the area of the spoke nipples is the highest stressed part of the rim: A drilling and therewith cutting of the fiber in this respect technically makes even less sense, but is an accommodation to mass production (in regards to time and labour) respectively simply due to a technology-transfer of well-known manufacturing techniques from metal rims without paying respect to the specific requirements and properties of fiber reinforced materials.

Thanks to elaborate, specifically to the raw material optimised production processes and tools the rims feature a one-piece, seamless brake surface, that yields a perfectly flush brake track without the need of any further treatment, machining or fly-cutting. That way any kind of brake rubbing and stuttering is being eliminated which results in a drastically improved modulation of your rim brakes and therewith translates into a real gain in safety as well as time in races: He/she who is able to brake later, in conclusion is faster for a longer period!

Laminated Clincher Hooks
The rim hooks are being individually casted by hand upon production of the rim and then manually laminated into the rim to then be cured as one piece composite thanks to specialized, adapted tools. Inside of the rim hook there is a carbon roving, the fibers around it on the outside run continuously in one piece, undisrupted and material-specific around the rim hook. In contrast to mechanical machined and fly-cut rim hooks, that tend to delaminate rapidly upon impact due to the blunt outwards directed laminate layers, the rims can cope with impacts a lot better as they are distributed and spread onto a much larger surface area - the loading capacity is incomparably higher than with competing products! Moreover deeply pronounced hooks provide a secure seat also with low tire pressures as well as heavily flexing tires. Increased safety as well as the option to ride with lower pressures and therewith a plus in comfort or grip as benefit!
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SRAM X-Dome-piñon
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ax-lightness – the highest precision in the lightweight composite sector. People who use ax-lightness products feel the passion and experience the fascinating story of success behind the company's name.

Cycling at the Formula 1 level

Whether in motor sport or cycling – carbon is the material of choice wherever every gram counts in delivering optimum performance. We bring the standards that ax-lightness sets as a key supplier in professional motor sport directly to cycling. The result: Development and manufacturing to Formula 1 standards. In other words, a completely new approach in the field of cycling.

Full-range supplier with a proven system

ax-lightness is not only a system supplier, but also a full-range supplier. With us, everything works in harmony because ax-lightness has the highest vertical integration in its field for a complete value chain in Germany.

Innovation made in Germany

Our numerous patented components come from a philosophy that guarantees the highest standards for the manufacture of lightweight components by combining expertise and our own identification with our products.

Hand-crafted high tech

Maximum stability, lowest possible weight – this is the character our components have thanks to the complex manufacturing process used for high-tech bikes to high-quality components for Formula 1.

Rueda o juegos de ruedas 29 pulgadas económicas

Las ruedas para el formato de 29 pulgadas debe cumplir con dos atributos principales: ¡Tienen que ser rígidas y ser lo más livianas posibles! Una rueda 29er superan mejor los grandes obstáculos que con los modelo más pequeños gracias a su gran, pero no es tan rígida, debido a su naturaleza de radios más largos y aros (llanta) más grandes. Para compensar esta deficiencia, en muchos cuadros se icorporaran ejes pasantes a las ruedas delanteras y traseras. Las versiones más comunes de las dimensiones del eje son de 15 mm en la rueda delantera y de 142 mm de ancho con 12 mm del eje pasante en la rueda trasera. Pero incluso el antiguo eje de rápido aún no deja de ser utilizado. Si quieres montar tu nueva rueda de 29 pulgadas o adaptarle un mejor juego de ruedas, estas son las más eficaces debido a la sintonización de las medidas. Presta especial atención a la anchura de la llanta y si ésta coincide con la dimensión de los neumáticos que estaban previstas. Muchas ruedas de 29" MTB modernas, pueden ser conducidas con ruedas ”tubeless-ready”. Presta atención a esta opción y si esto es normal o si se requiere un kit de conversión. Además del ya mencionado eje estandar, sigue prestando atención al receptáculo de acoplamiento en los discos de freno (Centerlock o IS2000 = de 6 hoyos), entonces ya no habrá nada que se interponga en el placer de conducción. Cuando de ahorrar se trata, opta por un juego de ruedas de carbono 29 ". Además, ellas tienen menos masa de rotación y son más rígidas y le permite a tu bici de montaña de 29 pulgadas un rápido aceleramiento. Visita en nuestra página la completa gama en ruedas MTB de 29 ".
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