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AX Lightness Vial Evo rodamiento/casquillo pedalier-adaptador para Shimano Hollowtech II

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AX Lightness Vial Evo rodamiento/casquillo pedalier-adaptador para Shimano Hollowtech II
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ax-lightness – the highest precision in the lightweight composite sector. People who use ax-lightness products feel the passion and experience the fascinating story of success behind the company's name.

Cycling at the Formula 1 level

Whether in motor sport or cycling – carbon is the material of choice wherever every gram counts in delivering optimum performance. We bring the standards that ax-lightness sets as a key supplier in professional motor sport directly to cycling. The result: Development and manufacturing to Formula 1 standards. In other words, a completely new approach in the field of cycling.

Full-range supplier with a proven system

ax-lightness is not only a system supplier, but also a full-range supplier. With us, everything works in harmony because ax-lightness has the highest vertical integration in its field for a complete value chain in Germany.

Innovation made in Germany

Our numerous patented components come from a philosophy that guarantees the highest standards for the manufacture of lightweight components by combining expertise and our own identification with our products.

Hand-crafted high tech

Maximum stability, lowest possible weight – this is the character our components have thanks to the complex manufacturing process used for high-tech bikes to high-quality components for Formula 1.

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