Continental Mountain King II RaceSport 29'' cubierta(-as) plegable(-es) negro(-a) 3/180tpi BlackChili-Compound

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Safe off-road cycling. The Mountain King shows off its qualities on mountain bikes. Its open and grippy tread geometry makes it ideal as a front tyre. The biting centre lugs and the grippy side studs offer plenty of grip on any terrain. The tyre is the perfect companion for sporting trips.


  • BlackChili Compound
  • RaceSport

BlackChili Compound
This unique tread rubber mixture which is only produced in Conti´s German factory has revolutionised bicycle tyres. The resultant compound showed a new relationship between grip and rolling resistance. This ‘Elevated level’, as it was previously known, was given the name ‘BlackChili’. Countless test wins that were shown in laboratory tests show a tangible benefit. The latest polymers, nanoscale soot particles and optimized fillers all guarantee a unique performance, from downhill MTB tyres to the time trial tyres of the ProTour, they are second to none in their respective areas. BlackChili Compound improves rolling resistance by 26 % and provides 30 % more grip than activated silica compounds. Premium tyres with BlackChili Compound also impress with higher mileage and unlike many multi-compounds, provide a constant ride from the first to the last kilometre.

Race Sport
Designed without compromise for use in mountain bike racing: The RaceSport casings combine consistent lightweight construction and noticeable superior puncture protection at the highest level. In cooperation with renowned professional mountain bikers Conti have created the perfect basis for competition tyres. Handmade in Germany, they offer rolling friction and puncture protection of World Cup quality. The structure makes the difference: a particularly fine and flexible nylon fabric with elaborately manufactured protecting rubber lining and universal base. Together with the legendary BlackChili Compound, this is the ultimate combination for XC and Marathon Race.
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55-622 (29x2.2)
Made in Germany
N° de art.: 41388588 || N° EAN/UPC: 4019238573206  || N° de art. del fabricante: 0100518
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60-622 (29x2.4)
Made in Germany
N° de art.: 41388600 || N° EAN/UPC: 4019238586329  || N° de art. del fabricante: 0100724
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Los más de 100 años de experiencia en el desarollo y en la fabricación de neumáticos de bicicleta han convertido a Continental en una empresa señera en aquél sector. Continental es el único fabricante alemán de neumáticos que mantiene una producción en Alemania.
En la ciudad de Korbach han establecido un centro de desarollo y de tecnología, donde se dedican a marcar nuevas pautas de tecnología de neumáticos.

Gracias al diálogo con deportistas profesionales y ciclistas de ocio, Continental es capaz de ofrecer por cada campo de aplicación unas cubiertas óptimas. De tal forma no solamente nacen productos de High-End para el deporte de élite, sino también cubiertas para el uso diario.
Continental es Global Player, por ello también mantienen fábricas supermodernas fuera de Alemania. Pero ahí también se fabrican cubiertas Continental con enorme esmero y entusiasmo para los clientes. Todas cubiertas de Continental tienen el punto común que se desarollan en el centro de tecnología en Korbach/Alemania y, ahí es donde los prueban bajo criterios muy estrictos.

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Buy 29" foldable tyres for mountain bikes

Our range of 29 inch foldable tyres has everything you could wish for! In our shop you will find all well-known brands, like for example Schwalbe, Maxxis, Continental, Specilialized and many more! You will find a faithful companion for your next bumpy trail or your cross country tour, with more or less grip, to suit your taste and at a price to match.
Foldable tyres offer a decisive advantage compared to their wire bead competition because they are foldable they can be quickly stowed in your pack. This makes it easy to take a spare tyre with you even on longer trips. This wouldn't be possible with a wire bead tyre.
In this category you only find foldable tyres in size 29 inch. One of the new trends in the cycling scene that is now established. Mainly developed and used in CC (CC stands for Cross Country). A 29 inch tire for MTB has better braking properties compared with smaller tyres because of it's larger air volume. Because the wheel has a greater mass, the bike remains more stable on the trail and in combination with large volume tyres this makes it easier to overcome obstacles.

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