Dartmoor Spin Tapered dirección semi-integrado rojo (ZS44/28.6 EC49/40)

64,97 €
Light and strong headsets for tapered head tubes. 1.1/8” semi-integrated upper cup and 1.5” a-head lower cup for tappered fork steerer. With Ride Your Way custom top cap. Alu cups (bottom drilled for weight reduction). Sealed 45°x45° Cr-Mo bearings with anti-rust titanium finish. Designed to fit Transition frames and most of the other frames with the same head tube standard.
  • Stack height: 9.0+13.2=22.2mm.
  • Weight: 122g (without top cap).
  • Assembly dimensions: 44mm (upper) / 49,57mm (bottom).
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N° de art.: 37510171 || N° EAN/UPC: 5906720855133  || N° de art. del fabricante: DART-A1454
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Dartmoor Bikes - Ride your Way

Dartmoor Bikes is a young and fast growing brand standing for a lot of action!

Under the motto "Ride your Way" Dartmoor Bikes offers an armada of colorful products for every dirt-, street-, slopestyle, freeride-, BMX or downhill driver. Everybody finds the perfect frame, circle, handlebar, hub or even stylish complete bikes.

Within a short time they have built up a strong international team i.a. Tomas Zejda and the Godziek brothers who are currently constantly riding the big competitions in this world.

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