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DT Swiss cierre rápido QR negro(-a)

17,23 €
antes 22,27 €
Der passende Schnellspanner zu Naben von DT Swiss in schwarz; Ø 5 mm
Todos los precios para el envío a España; más los gastos envío
N° de art.: 41566806 || N° EAN/UPC: 7613052238241  || N° de art. del fabricante: HWQXXX00S2848S
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Und. a 17,23

N° de art.: 41566805 || N° EAN/UPC: 7613052238234  || N° de art. del fabricante: HWQXXX00S2847S
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Und. a 17,23

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The Swiss are known for high quality products and precision. Exactly this is what you get at DT-Swiss. The spokes are indisputable the measure of all things which you can get on the market. DT-Swiss began its successful history with the acquisition of the spokes manufacture of the United Wire Works AG in 1994. With the introduction of the Hügi hub DT-Swiss secured their place in the bike industry. Today DT Swiss offers next to the classical road wheel components hubs, spokes and rims even an own suspension line.

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Buy an MTB thru axle or a quick release

Whether quick release (also quick-release skewer) or thru axle on the MTB, both enable a simple installation and/or disassembling of the bike's wheel.
For new high-quality, modern mountain bikes, practically only thru-axles are used. The quick release is almost history or wickedly spoken, it is something for the retro faction. Thru axles are included in the delivery scope of modern frames and forks, but be careful, there are big differences:

  • That would be installation widths of 135mm, 142 mm, 148 mm, 150 mm or 157 mm in the rear with 10-12 mm diameter and
  • 100 mm to 110 mm in the front with 15-20 mm diameter.

Whoever thinks that the thru axles are still too heavy, has the option to improve: Tune e.g. offers especially light axles which can even be ordered in the matching colour, in order to provide the final touches and also an individual look.
Salsa, Sixpack, Specialized, DT Swiss, light and coloured from Hope, Tune or Extralite (and many more)... our selection of thru-axles and MTB QRs is large and we offer something for every purse.
Buy a thru axle at a low price, e.g. from TuneBy the way: Among our quick releases, you'll also find "anti-theft devices" for the wheels, they will then replace the standard quick-release levers. Ideal for city, trainings and all-purpose bikes.

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