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Jagwire aluminio fijación de latiguillo de freno negro(-a) 5mm-latiguillo (par)

6 €
antes 9,66 €
aus Aluminium; passend für 5 mm Rahmenführungen; 1- teiliges Design
Todos los precios para el envío a España; más los gastos envío
Jagwire aluminio fijación de latiguillo de freno negro(-a) 5mm-latiguillo (par)
N° de art.: 64490036 || N° EAN/UPC: 4715910032312  || N° de art. del fabricante: DCA008-N1
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par a 6,00

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Quality is Jagwires commitment.

Jagwire is number one in this world when it comes to cables/sleeves. You can find Jagwire cables/sleeves at different brand manufacturers for example Giant, Specialized, Filz, Trek, BMC, Cannondale, Norco, Scott, Globe, KHS, Bianchi, Ridley and a hundred more international brands.

Over 20 years the Jagwire pioneers have an adamant bound to quality, permanent tests of their brake pads, cables and sleeves under extreme conditions. Their target is to offer high quality products with consistent accomplishment.

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Adapters, bleeding kits, screws and more for disc brakes

Should you be on the lookout for spare parts for your MTB disc brake, you'll certainly find something here. Let's start with numerous brake adapters, e.g. from Shimano or Avid in order to fasten the desired brake to the fork or to the rear end, plus numerous different small parts. This comprises among others retaining rings, hydraulic brake hose kits, brake bleeding kits as well as smaller and larger screws around the disc brake, such as coloured and light brake caliper screws. Some replacement braking levers are also available, should a replacement be required due to a fall. Do you already own a transport protection for disc brakes? They also call them brake pad spreaders and they ensure that the brake pads are kept separate during transportation. You'll find a lot of spare parts and accessories for disc brakes here, of course from top brands, which play a role in this field, such as Formula, Avid, Hope, Hayes, Magura, Reverse in order to just name a few.

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