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Maxxis Holy Roller cubierta(-as) plegable(-es) 55-559 (26x2.40) 60aMP Single Ply TPI 60

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Holy Roller

Die perfekte Ausrüstung für Dirt Jumper und Street Rider, die einen großvolumigen, stabilen und dabei sehr leichten Reifen suchen.
Hochwertige Technik wie das Silkworm Polyfiber Shielding in der Faltversion macht das geringe Gewicht möglich.
Die große Version des bewährten Allround BMX Reifens ist universell verwendbar: für Dirt Jumps, Street und zum Cruisen in der Stadt.

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Holy Roller cubierta(-as) plegable(-es) 55-559 (26x2.40)
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The total customer satisfaction is the maxim for the development and manufacture of tires from the brand MAXXIS. With this requirement MAXXIS since 1967 has developed to a big international manufacturer of tires who produces high-performance tires for cars, trucks, motorcycle, karts, trailers, tractors and many other applications. MAXXIS employs more than 15.000 employees worldwide and provides in 130 countries.

The production started with bicycle tires. MAXXIS has consistently followed the technological development and fabrication of them next to all the other product areas. With a production of around 45 million bicycle tires per year MAXXIS now technologically is the biggest and leading manufacturer of bicycle tires in the world.

From trekking and tour over racing bike to downhill, cross country, freeride oder BMX - MAXXIS customers request for sophisticated products which are proper for the several requirements as exactly as possible. To his day the greatest incentive of the company is to cope with the wishes of the customers at any time and to secure a technical advance.

In the MAXXIS headquarter in Suwanee near Atlanta and the development center in Norcross both in Georgia, USA and in the tire factory in Taiwan highly qualified engineers and a creative team of employees continuously work for the improvement and the further development of the tire range. Maxxis sets the standard in new developments: prototypes of new tires are manufactured after computer-controlled simulation tests and then they are tested by professional racing drivers under extreme conditions. Only tires that convince both the computer and the racing drivers go into series. At MAXXIS all tires are manufactured in their own ultra-modern factories. In the production only high quality materials are used which are assimilated with the latest production technique. The extremely high reliability and quality of MAXXIS products is safed through the permanent quality controls of the mass production in the labors of MAXXIS and in independent institutions.

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