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Procraft VIP-47 tapón(-es) de manillar

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Procraft VIP-47 tapón(-es) de manillar
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Procraft offers you the complete equipment for a safe bike enjoyment! One of the main tasks of Procraft is to offer bike components not only in the standard size but also to serve customers who need special sizes. Procraft for example offers seat posts with exotic proportions. Procraft tests safety-related components like handlebars, stems and seat posts to on-site, modern EFBe test benches in the Southern German headquarter according to the latest guidelines.

A clear sign for quality and trust: 5 years of product warranty for material and construction faults even on high-charged components like seat posts and handlebars.

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Buy new grips online

Bikes' grips are not identical. There are some differences as to what is attached to the handlebars. Handlebar handles constitute one of three contact points between the cyclist and the bike, thus they are more important as one might think at first glance. Bicycle grips prevent slipping from the handlebar and in the best of all cases should do that in all weathers, even when it rains and the palms are wet, the handles must offer the cyclists a reliable grip on the handlebar. Furthermore, handles absorb the impacts which pass from the underground over to the bike. There are coloured grips, thick grips, grips handles or even some for light bikes fans, which are extra light on the scales. They also are of very different materials, whether rubber grips (good hold and little wear and tear), cork handles (light and comfortable) or even real leather grips from Brooks. You'll be on the more reliable path with bolt-on grips, the so-called LockOn grips. They are quickly mounted and can be handled as easily when dismounting them again. But they weigh a couple grams more. You can also get matching coloured clamp rings / grip clamps, thus you can shape your handles individually. If you have problems with the wrists and your hand bends ache after the tour, then you should "grasp for" ergonomic grips. Ergonomic grips ensure a better pressure distribution since more of your palm lies on the grip, and the position of the wrist is thus corrected. The enlarged palm area hinders the wrist to be turned under (which then would squeeze off the nerve fibres). Such grips increase the comfort on the handlebar right away! They are available in different sizes, for example small ergonomical grips for women's hands or even with additional gel cushioning. The manufacturer Ergon is pioneering here (as the name already expresses) or also Specialized with the Body Geometry line (BG handles). Whether MTB grips or BMX grips, here you'll find a pair which is right for you.
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