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Renthal Integra II Direct Mount potencia dorado(-a)/negro

81,24 €
antes 127,10 €

Renthal's revolutionary Integra stem combines high strength with ultra-low weight. The use of two independent, C-Shape handlebar clamps allows the stem body material to be reduced to a minimum, whilst maintaining an incredibly stiff and strong structure. The ultra-wide, 64mm handlebar clamping area increases torsional rigidity and the use of just six bolts vastly reduces overall weight. In addition, the uninterrupted clamp on the underside of the handlebar eliminates stress risers found on most other clamps, which can lead to handlebar failure.


  • CNC'd 6082 body and 7075 clamps
  • Minimal 6-Bolt design
  • Lightweight C-Shape handlebar clamps
  • ultra wide 64mm clamp width
  • World Cup winning design
  • clamp diameter: 31.8mm
  • clamp width: 64mm
  • rise: 0° or 10°
  • length: 45mm or 50mm
  • weight: 130g (version31.8x45mm, 0°)
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31.8x45mm 10°
N° de art.: 37500043 || N° EAN/UPC: 5026190151587  || N° de art. del fabricante: STM108-BKAG
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Und. a 81,24

31.8x50mm 10°
N° de art.: 37500044 || N° EAN/UPC: 5026190151594  || N° de art. del fabricante: STM111-BKAG
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Und. a 81,24

31.8x45mm 0°
N° de art.: 37500045 || N° EAN/UPC: 5026190148372  || N° de art. del fabricante: STM107-BKAG
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Und. a 81,24

31.8x50mm 0°
N° de art.: 37500046 || N° EAN/UPC: 5026190151631  || N° de art. del fabricante: STM110-BKAG
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Und. a 81,24

De momento sólo le podemos ofrecer un texto en inglés:

Renthal has been the top of motocross racing for over 35 years with 135 world champions - and 132 US championship titles and is considered to be the leading handlebar and chain ring manufacturer.

Renthal products are developed and manufactured in Stockport, England. So a consumer of Renthal products can be sure that his product is manufactured by a company whose engineers aspire to highest quality. Companies like Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and KTM equip their motocross models with Renthal handlebars.

You can see the same passion and expertise in the new product range in the bicycle area. The goal of Renthal is to deliver extremely light and stable products with high quality materials, development and fabrication.

A split second, a few grams, a few millimeters - everything counts. Welcome to the world of winners at Renthal.

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