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Hope Integrated integrado(-a) dirección 1 1/8 negro(-a)

86,23 €
111,85 €
The integrated headset is made to fit in 1 1/8 frames where to bearings fit directly into the frame. They include custom made stainless steel bearings (which are replaceable). The taper ring and crown race (which is split for easy installation and removal) are all machined from 2014 T6 aluminium.
All headsets come complete with the Hed Doctor. Sealing is achieved through an adjustable taper ring cover and integrated rubber seal. The bearings also incorporate their own sealing, and being made from stainless steel resist corrosion - a real advantage over a conventional steel bearing. The integrated headset is only available in black.
Hope Integrated integrado(-a) dirección 1 1/8 negro(-a)
N° de art.: 31840403
N° EAN/UPC: 5055168018898  |  N° de art. del fabricante: HSGN
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