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Mavic A 719 28" bici carretera-llanta Loch negro

47,69 €
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The Mavic A 719 28'' Endurance rim

Endurance riders need proven reliability and toughness. But they also need speed. So high performance must be part of the equation. Mavic Endurance rims continue to bring those benefits, always pushing the envelope further.


  • Clincher
  • Maxtal
  • Double Eyelet
  • UB Control
  • SUP / Welded
  • Traditional drilling


Valve hole diameter8.5 mm, supplied with valve adapter
Recommended rim tape (width x thickness)20 x 0.6
Recommended nipple length12 mm
Recommended tyre widths28 to 47 mm
ETRTO size622 x 19C


Light and strong. Exclusive to Mavic, this specific aluminum alloy offers a higher strength to weight ratio than conventional 6106 alloy.SUP
Stronger and smoother joint. Soudé Usiné Process. After bending, the rim joint is arc welded. The welded seam is then milled for a smooth finish.UB Control
Usiné Brut Control. The braking surfaces are precisely CNC machined.

Scope of delivery

  • 1x Mavic A 719 28''
32 Loch
N° de art.: 42249570
|| N° EAN/UPC: 887850739812  || N° de art. del fabricante: J2440132
Und. a 47,69

36 Loch
N° de art.: 42249571
|| N° EAN/UPC: 887850739829  || N° de art. del fabricante: J2440136
Und. a 47,69

Mavic A 719 28" bici carretera-llanta 32 Loch negro

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