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NC-17 IST-1 DH guía de cadenas 46-50 dientes, 5 agujeros/110

85,31 €
100,61 €

DH Downhill Tensioner

For guys with thick legs and steep Downhill courses. Takes chain rings between 46 and 50 teeth.

NC-17 DH/4 Cross chain tensioner: As long as frame manufacturers fail to integrate chain guides with their DH frames, we will continue to develop NC-17 chain tensioners. There are many systems out there now, but only one winner.

The NC-17 Tensioner uses two guides to keep the chain running true- using sealed cartridge bearings and specially formulated rubber to keep the rolling resistance and noise to a minimum. The body of the Tensioner is made from 7075- T6 aluminium to keep the weight down but is supplemented at high stress areas with high grade steel.

The Tensioner is attached by fitting behind the BB-Shell and then securing against rotation with small grub screws (apart from the ISCG version). 

N° de art.: 55240062
N° EAN/UPC: 4250149455063
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