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NC-17 S-Pro Signature Line Lock On puños Alu anillo afianzador

18,25 €

NC-17 Take Control II S-Pro „Signature Line“

The Signature Line was co-designed with the MTB Rider Team which is also sponsored by NC-17. The parts are adapted to professional use. They are manufactured using new techniques to meet the respective demands. We just want the best of the best for our team.

The Signature Line Lock-On grip is made of rugged rubber compound, unifying optimum hold with little abrasion. The Lock-On Ring attached to the inside of the grip makes it special. You can tighten the Lock-On Ring with an hex-key through two holes in the rubber. No matter how you catch the grip after jumping, the aluminium lock ring wont hurt you anymore. The gun grip and diamonds surface design affords optimal hold.

technical facts:

  • cpl. length : 148,5mm
  • diameter: 28,5mm
  • weight: 117g (set)
  • two lock-rings
  • colours: black, red, green
verde color gris
N° de art.: 35240017
N° EAN/UPC: 4250149462894
par a 18,25

rojo(-a) negro(-a)
N° de art.: 35240016
N° EAN/UPC: 4250149462887  |  N° de art. del fabricante: 6288
par a 18,25

NC-17 S-Pro Signature Line Lock On puños verde Alu anillo afianzador color gris
NC-17 S-Pro Signature Line Lock On puños rojo(-a) Alu anillo afianzador negro(-a)

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