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Northwave Fondo SRS Touring zapatillas tamaño 38 blanco/negro

61,22 €
132,17 €

  • SOLE: Multifunction
  • UPPER: Ultralight PU
  • UPPER CONTRUCTION: Multilayer Thermowelded + Airflow system
  • CLOSING SYSTEM: S.R.S. + Asymmetrical straps
  • HEEL: Integrated Heel System
  • FOOTBED: Performance Advanced
  • WEIGHT: 379gr

Multifunction Sole
Comfortable when walking as well light and stiff during the pedaling, the Multifunction is a versatile sole, designed for different uses. It provides excellent performance and all the comfort you need. The sole is non marking in natural rubber for an improved grip even on slippery ground.

S.R.S. Closing System
S.R.S. (Slim Ratchet System) is Northwave’s new micrometric buckle. Maximum closing precision, minimized size and weight. The mechanism follows the anatomic shape of the foot, to ensure the most comfortable fit, and is designed to ease the grasp even when riding. Forged in aluminum, it’s great for topresistance and ease of replacement.

Asymmetrical Straps
The asymmetrical construction is another innovation of the collection. The central strap is moved to the center so as to follow the anatomy of the foot and reduce the pressure on the side area, because particularly sensitive. The straps have been lightened by all superfluous elements, presenting thinner thicknesses and discharged central areas, thereby maintaining maximum grip.

Multilayer Thermowelded Construction
New Multilayer construction: a light microfiber is coupled with somo large thermowelded mesh vent inserts at the same thickness of a traditional monolayer. The result: better comfort and reduced weight.

AirFlow System

It’s the Northwave ventilation system with large vents that lets your feet breathe: the lower vent channels air inside the sole, while the side vents guarantee a supply of fresh air.

Integrated Heel System
The new unibody construction of the uppers allowed to integrate an efficient heel retention system inside the structure, without the need of external elements. Same efficiency, reduced weight.

Performance Advanced Footbed

Ergonomic design: because you need to keep the perfect position when pedaling and you want comfort too.
tamaño 38
N° de art.: 96276286
|| N° EAN/UPC: 8030819699135  || N° de art. del fabricante: 80144002-51-38
par a 61,22

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