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Rollentrainer und Zubehör

In opposite to the ergometer or the spinning-bikes a roller trainer enables you to use your own bike for training. So you don't have to get used to another seating position, saddle or pedalsn. Furthermore all functions of the bike like the gearshift (and speedometer/performance measurement on the free roller) are conserved. And a roller is very mobile, it can be carried to competitions for warming up. Not only in street sports even in mountainbike and downhill races you can see more and more athletes warming up with the help of this training apparatus.
There are different types of roller trainers which we would like to explain:

The free rollers

The classic "rollers" that wrongly got out of style simply consist of three over a belt connected rollers. Thereby the bicycle is not firmly connected with the roller trainer. You actually "drive" free. The rear wheel is between two rollers and the third roller supports the front wheel. Generally this kind of roller trainer has no or only a very rudimentary braking system for setting the running resistance.

Especially track cyclist swear on the roller trainers because very high cadence is possible. Furthermore the coordination and driving technique are skilled because of the dynamic driving situation. Therefrom the free roller still is a cheap and very effective training tool.
Freie Rolle von Tacx
In order that the bicycle runs stable on the roller a certain minimum speed is neccessary. Because this is the only way the bicycles can develop the essential centrifugal force. Who never drove on a roller should be careful in the beginning to prevent an involuntary descent.

Workout roller / Roller trainer

Much simpler in use and available in many partialy fancy variants are workout rollers or roller trainers where the bicycle is fixed over the rear axle. Meanwhile they are widespread. The main advantage is clearly: through the fixed conncection between bike and roller trainer the use is possible for everybody. Even those who can't bicycle.

Generally every roller trainer has a tunable bicycle resistance that charges the rear wheel over a single roller. This break mechanism mostly works over a magnetic brake. Also possible is the detention via an impeller which is limited with a liquid for example oil or with the air drag.
Trainingsrolle von Tacx
For simple devices the adjustment of the braking effect is effected gradually over a simple lever. High quality devices are generally regulated stepless, electronic and sometimes even over a computer. These controls are meanwhile so further developed that a realistic feeling of driving can be realized in connection with an according software. If this software is coupled with video recording whole Tour de France stages can be simulated.

Considerably training programs can easily be documented via computer - even races over network - or internet connection are meanwhile possible.


In addition to the roller trainer and the free roller we recommend a few little assistants which make the training easier and more comfortable.

Front wheel backing: A support frame wich is placed under the front wheel in order to lift it to arrange a normal seat position. Essential if the bike is secured in a rear roller trainer and raised there.

Sweat catcher: This inconspicuous little part is clamped between the handlebars and seatpost and catches sweat from head and upper body. Like this the sensitive bike components are protected against corrosion. Actually irreplaceable because without a cooling wind the sweat drips within a few minutes.

Workout mat: mostly out of thick foam or rubber the mat fulfills two functions at the same time. On the one hand it absorbes the noise development while working and on the other hand it catches the sweat and protects the carpet or parquet.

Workout tires: Not neccessary on racing bikes with slicks but a rewarding investment especially for frequent use. A good workout tire is specialized on the pressure of rollers and does not heat up as strongly as a street tire. Thereby it is longer durable and furthermore it is more favorable than most of the good street tires.

Such a tire is an obligation for mountain bikes because off-road tires can't be used on a roller.

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