Garmin is according to his own statement market leader in the area mobile navigation as well as in the GPS satellite communication. Founded in 1989 by Gary Burrell and Dr. Min Kao (thus the name Garmin) with five employees Garwin today is one of the most experienced manufactures in the area of mobile navigation with approximately 8.800 employees and positions worldwide. Characteristic of Garmin is that development as well as production happen in their own house and place of production. This crucially contributes to the security of the high quality standard. Garmin manufactures products for the aviation in the worldwide company headquarter in Olathe, Kansas, USA. All Consumer-Electronic-Products for the areas street navigation, outdoor, sports and marine are manufactured in the three places of production Shijr, Jhongli and LinKou in Taiwan.

Worldwide Garmin employs about 1.400 engineers and so safes the deep technical authority within the company. From 1989 to today over 75 million Garmin navigation systems were sold worldwide, more than 19 million of them in 2010.

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