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Sigma Sport PC 25.10 reloj pulsómetro

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Simple to use and equipped with all basic functions, the ECG-accurate and digitally coded heart rate monitor in sportive design ideally suit every leisure time athlete, who wants to train healthy and effective.
According to the training target, two pre-programmed training zones as well as a manually set training zone can be selected. An individual memory as well as a memory for total values, which documents the training sessions over weeks, months and a freely selected period, provides a detailed training evaluation. Thanks to the illuminated display, sporting activities are not hindered by darkness.


  • 4 Heart Rate functions
  • Digitally coded radio transmission
  • 6 time functions, including countdown and alarm
  • Training with 1 adjustable HR zone
  • Calorie counter
  • Total values per week, month, since reset
  • Memory place for 1 training session
  • Intuitive menu navigation
  • Battery compartment
  • Storage of pre-set values in case of battery change
  • Background illumination of the display
  • Watertight
  • Personalisation using “My Name”
  • 5 languages
  • Stopwatch

Training mode with 1 adjustable HR zone (FAT, FIT, OWN)
The PC 25.10 has two automa- tically pre-programmed training zones FAT and FIT and an individually adjustable zone.

Training Zone
The zone indicator ensures that the user is exercising within the right training zone. In addition, an acoustic alarm provides infor- mation about going above or below the HR zone.

Memory Menu
Memory capacity for 1 training session.

Training Diary
Total value memory for a long- term training monitoring over weeks, months and a freely selected period.

Prolonging the battery life time
In delivery mode the battery compartment is on OFF. To activate the PC 25.10, the door should be turned to ON position.

DIGICODE – Interference-free transmission!
All models with digicode are distinguished by their digitally encoded transmission. This prevents prob- lems during group training and rules out the "cross talk effect", as it is known in specialist jargon.
At the start of training, synchronisation takes place between the chest belt and the heart rate monitor. Consequently the monitor only receives data from its own chest belt. The heart rate readings are converted into digital data packages and transmitted to the receiver in the monitor. A check sum guaran- tees that the digital data packages are correct. In addition, the "time coding & ID procedure" guaran- tees that data transmission is significantly more secure compared to analogue heart rate monitors.

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|| N° EAN/UPC: 4016224283026  || N° de art. del fabricante: 28302

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