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Platos bici + bashguards

Different BCD, anodised or especially light: large selection of chain rings

Chain rings are the parts that translate the power from the crank arm to the chain with each turn of the crank. The important thing to pay attention to when buying is which bolt circle diameter to get. Common diameters are for example for a road bike 110mm (Compact) and 130mm (Standard) and MTB 3-speed/2-speed 104mm and 64mm. Riders who have only a single chain ring at the front instead of two or three, have the advantage that the whole range of the rear sprocket may be used. One trend, is that more and more MTB riders have discovered the advantages feeling comfortable with 1x10, 1x11 and even 1x12 gearing. This is especially an advantage for racers, because the risk of using the wrong gear is minimised with a single chain ring at the front. There are also different chain ring sizes available and the assembly standards vary. The message here is to pay attention. For those riders with 1-speed at the front Narrow-Wide chain rings are recommended. This means different teeth profiles on the rings. Because (like the name says) these are alternatingly positioned, 1x narrower and 1x broader, which reduces the possibility of the chain coming off.
Are you having trouble finding what you are looking for with this large choice of chain rings? If you need more help with our chain ring selection, we have competent advisors who can assist you further by telephone or e-mail.

Our large selection of chain rings

We offer chain rings for almost all crank sets that have ever been made. We have chain rings of different sizes, chain rings for downhill, dirt and for modern single ring drives like for example 1x10, 1x11 and 1x12. Whether you are searching for a chain ring for your direct mount crank arm or one with a conventional spider. You will also find suitable chain rings for Bosch drive trains on e-bikes.
Do you like colours? The colour may play a role with many hard-core cyclists, because coloured anodised chain rings look cool on the bike and round out the colour scheme of the bicycle. Also the weight factor is often important with chain rings, because weightweenies like to add as little weight as possible to the bike. It is a challenge for manufacturers to produce the lightest chain rings for extreme use like downhill or freeride biking.
Bashguards belong to the topic of chain rings as well, with this is meant chain ring protectors or chain ring guards. Whoever loves to ride over obstacles and wants to protect their chain ring from damage/ hits when riding over tree trunks or similar, should consider adding a bashguard.
Tip: The choice is huge and using our dropdown menu "category' (above the product list) you can limit your choice among other things to 4 arm or 5 arm chain sets.

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