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Kona Tienda de marca

Kona Online Shop - Mountainbikes, Gravelbikes und Bikepacking-Räder

Kona Bikes - Bikes for true offroad lovers

Sobre la marca Kona


Kona developed the first real Big-Bikes in the 90s' that were full suspension bikes conceived for the use on the North Shore Trials and in the first bike parks.
What particular characterized this bikes was the 4-bar frame, which enabled much country lane for the first time without the rear getting "soft".
Today Kona produces a wide range of bikes i.a. exotic constructions like load wheels but also cross and racing bicycles. Furthermore Kona is characterized by strong social commitment.

Kona facts

  • The base of Kona bikes is consistency
  • What matters is safety, stability and reliability
  • ´The best bicycles with the coolest ride in the universe!
  • Konas basic principles in the design are clearly:
    • good and balanced handling of super fast bikes
    • Konas 4-bar rear is one of the stablest and most sophisticated suspension systems worldwide
    • Use of the best materials and components as well as a strong design.

Sobre la tienda de la marca Kona

En la tienda de la marca Kona de HIBIKE encontrarás un total de 82 productos diferentes con envíos a todo el mundo: Piezas y tornillería para cuadros, Bicis MTB rígidas 29 pulgadas, Gravelbike, Bicis completas urbanas & trekking, Bicis MTB rígidas 27.5 pulgadas / 650B e incluso más.
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