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Endura Tienda de marca

Endura Bikewaer Online Shop

Sobre la marca Endura

Born in Scotland. Ridden around the World.

The brand Endura was founded in 1993 with the goal to manufacture timeless technical functinal clothing and to contrast with the motley of the early 90s. If we look back at this time we are sure that back then we made the right decision...

Our headquarter is located in Scotland very close to the mountains. We never have to wait long for changing weather conditions because Scotland is the climate chamber of nature. ... Many employees of Endura, whether active in the production, in the selling or in the marketing are enthusiastic cyclists. They form an inexhaustible source of ideas and experiences. Some employees are record holders, elite team drivers and of course there is the Endura-Racing-Team. With our own racing team peppered with world and british champions we are always able to test new products under extremely conditions and to use the experiences of professional athletes. However we have to mention that most of us are rather normal cyclists who never in their life won something in the cycling. But it is not relevant. Because everybody combines the impulse to cycle as often as possible in order to escape the everyday life for some hours. Thereby the weather should be as equal as the area. And for that you need proper clothing! What matters then is for many to experience their own limit. Although you are slower and probably look less good than the athletes of the Endura-Racing-Team... But if you are on your way with Endura products you feel the advantages of all that Endura has fulfilled in the development of functional bicycle clothing and what made Endura what it is today - a successful scottish clothing brand which is worn of cyclists all around the world. Endura has spread its offer on all cycling areas and has everything for cyclists as well as bicycle commuters or fashionable challenging casual cyclists. For particularly demanding there is a super-high-performance collection Endura Equipe, certified and tested from our racing team with UCI license - the Endura Racing Team.

Fixed in our genotype: Whether it is a mountain biker or a former BMX driver, everybody drives through the mud sometimes. In the veins of Endura mountain bikes flows the mud of the Scottish Highlands.

The clan feuds between mountain bikers and racing drivers is long over; nowadays all are cyclists and the different styles are mixed strongly. Right in the middle is Endura with its own racing team - an ideal environment for racing bicycle clothing.

Avoiding busses and fighting against headwind. Commuters are the silent heroes of the street. They are always on their bicylces like they are running the gauntlet. If it is sunny, rainy, snowy or icy - they ride daily.

So much more than the common pink little something! Enduras clothing for ladies has been designed for ladies from the ground up. The sentence “You drive like a girl!” gets a whole new meaning.

Endura Sitzpolster

Endura Seat Cushion

Sobre la tienda de la marca Endura

En la tienda de la marca Endura de HIBIKE encontrarás un total de 268 productos diferentes a precios inmejorables con envíos a todo el mundo:
  • Calcetines
  • Calentadores de brazo
  • Calentadores de piernas
  • Calentadores de rodilla
  • Calzoncillos y bragas
  • Camisas manga larga de ocio
  • Camisetas
  • Camisetas transpirables
  • Cascos - piezas de recambio
  • Cascos para bici carretera
  • Cascos protectores MTB
  • Cascos protectores para niños
  • Cazadoras
  • Cazadoras para niños
  • Chalecos
  • Cinta para la frente
  • Cubre-zapatillas
  • Gafas
  • Gorras casco / gorras para poner debajo del casco
  • Gorro de carreras / Retro- cap
  • Guantes dedos cortos
  • Guantes dedos largos
  • Guantes para niños
  • Helme City / Trekking
  • Maillot ciclista de manga corta
  • Maillot ciclista manga larga
  • Maillots (de manga corta) para niños
  • Maillots (de manga corta) para niños
  • Pantalones / culotes de tres cuartos
  • Pantalones / culotes largos de ciclista
  • Pantalones cortos de ciclista / culotes
  • Pantalones cortos para niños
  • Pantalones largos para niños
  • Pañuelo cabeza / bufanda / pañuelo multiuso
  • Protector muñeca/brazo/codo/hombro
  • Protectores de rodilla/canilla/tobillo
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