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GORE BIKE WEAR Tienda de marcas

Acerca de GORE BIKE WEAR-tienda de marcas

En GORE BIKE WEAR-la tienda de marcas de HIBIKE encontrarás un completo 83 surtido con diferentes productos a precios muy económicos y con envíos a nivel mundial:
  • Calcetines
  • Calentadores de brazo
  • Calentadores de piernas
  • Calentadores de rodilla
  • Calzoncillos y bragas
  • Camisetas
  • Cazadoras
  • Chalecos
  • Cubre-zapatillas
  • Gorras casco / gorras para poner debajo del casco
  • Guantes dedos cortos
  • Guantes dedos largos
  • Maillot ciclista de manga corta
  • Maillot ciclista manga larga
  • Pantalones / culotes largos de ciclista
  • Pantalones cortos de ciclista / culotes
  • Protector de riñones/faja cinturón

Acerca de la marca GORE BIKE WEAR


GORE BIKE WEAR™ is part of W. L. Gore & Associates, this company got founded in 1958 by Bill and Vieve Gore with the aim to invent new fields of application for PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene).
In the following years Gore was able to invent numerous new processing methods in medicine and textile industry from which the functional fiber GORE-TEX ™ emanated. The brand GORE BIKE WEAR™ deals with the development and marketing of high-tech cycling clothing for about 20 years with a special focus on functionality, fit and quality.

Notable next to the high quality products is also the effort to create a good working environment for the employees: "Our company culture has model character for every modern company, who attach importance to promotion and creativity of their employees and relate their growth from that."
The local representatives of GORE are regularly on the front seats when it comes to choosing the best employers.

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